The Sisters take part in various activities of the parish and lead the parish community to the communion of the Church .MSST sisters take active participation to give religious instruction to the youth and children to deepen their Catholic Faith and to impart the teachings of the Church to them. Sisters involve in the other ministries of the dioceses namely Family apostolate, pastoral activities, Youth ministry, BCC prayer services and other social activities. They prepare children and adults to receive sacraments, with devotion .The sisters take part in the various associations in the parish and many a time take full responsibility over these associations to train the people to be active members of the parish community by their guidance and direction. Preparing altar boys to take part in the Divine Liturgy with devotion is also taken as a key responsibility by the sisters.

We show a special preference to give priority to the work of Evangelization including believers whose faith is weak, those who have gone away from faith, the new christians and the new believers. Through the activity of evangelization the gospel is proclaimed and explained . We proclaim the gospel both through deed and word and through a life of prayer and penance .